Hi everybody, We are Cátia, Anna and our petY Era, from the beginning of 2020 we start to managing this little and beautiful Camping, located on the Navarre Pyrenees, into a little village called Esparza de Salazar.

We are in a privileged environment and from here we want to accompany the travelers how wants visiting the area and know awesome places and could enjoy the tranquility , calm and the beauty of this little piece of paradise of the mother Earth.

We took years dreaming with a project where we could give part of our Hearth and Filosofi , a place where to contribute with our little grain of sand and took together the desire, and knowledge that we had gain along our way.

We had clear that was to be a project attentive at is impact and at is environment, so because that, and with a lots of look, we bet to continue with a line of ecological and local products in our bar and restaurant, and try transmit that compromise with the environment using rich and healthy food.

Murkuzuria is a Municipal Campsite, build on 1991 where some managers have passed, how have give is own efforts to build the campsite which is today .

In our Step, we bet for a respectful gardening, don’t using any kind of chemicals or pesticides in our green spaces. Permaculture has marc our path, and the intention throughout our stay here is to aplicate that technics from respect with this place, and people how are connected with him.

Ours recycling and waste minimization is also clear  and we would like that visitors could see it and respect that way who to do it, since the time required and our planet needs it.

Where we are waiting travelers that came to tell us is own stories and available to hear ours.