Hello, we are Itziar and Joxepo. We welcome you to the renewed Murkuzuria Campsite. We are delighted to share with you this new sustainable tourism project starting today. Those visiting us will enjoy a stay in harmony with our natural environment. Go hiking, mountaineering, climbing, mountain-biking or just relax in our quiet little valley of Salazar/Zaraitzu. Our philosophy/vision and consciousness lead us to respect and preserve our natural environment.
For years we have been practising alternatives to the current consumerist
society, prioritising local small producers and minimising our environmental impact/footprint. And so, we’ll be sharing our organically grown food and products with those visiting us. Our campsite is situated in the village of Esparza de Salazar/Zaraitzuko Espartza, right in the Navarrese Pyrenees, at the doors of the Irati forest. We’ll be delighted to advice you on trips and excursions to discover every corner of this delightful/charming valley of Salazar/Zaraitzu.