We are a stone’s throw from the Irati forest, a pristine natural environment, a paradise for activities such as hiking, mountain-biking, mountaineering, family strolls, bird watching and cycling tours.
Check out the range of activities we have selected for you.


Cultural heritage and tradition, typical gastronomy, folklore, visits to caves and outdoor granaries, horse riding, family strolls… The valleys of Salazar/Zaraitzu, Almiradío de Navascués and Lumbier are nearby and offer you a wide range of leisure activities of all sorts.

The Irati forest

Irati desde Pikatua Camping Murkuzuria

The Irati Forest is the second largest and best preserved beech and fir forest in Europe, an immense green mantle of some 17,000 hectares that is still in an almost unspoiled state. Get lost in its vastness by taking its signposted paths on foot or by bicycle. We’ll be happy to recommend to you our favourite paths.
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Local Routes in Salazar

Senderos locales Camping Murkuzuria

Hiking: Plenty of signposted tracks in every village in the valley and plenty of routes inside the Irati forest, Lumbier’s canyon, Kakueta’s gorges, etc.

Mountain-bike rides

BTT Camping Murkuzuria

Rides of all types throughout the Irati forest or around the quiet local villages.
Mountaineering: Local summits/heights for varying likes and difficulty, Orhi, at 2.017 metres being the most emblematic.

Mountaineering in Pirineo

Montañismo Camping Murkuzuria

Summits for all tastes and difficulties, as most emblematic example , Orhi peak with 2017 m


Multiaventura Camping Murkuzuria

Canyon descents: All sorts of excursions and courses for all levels of practise in the Valley of Roncal/Erronkari.
Canoeing/Kayaking: Navigating the river Esca/Eska or initiation courses in the dam of Yesa.

Horse riding in Ochagavia

Hipica Ochagavía Camping Murkuzuria

Ochagavia/Otsagi’s horse riding club, on the road to Irati, offers horse rides that allow enjoying nature from a different perspective.

Speleology / Potholing

Espeleo Camping Murkuzuria

Larra, in the Valley of Roncal/Erronkari is home to one of the most important potholing spots in Europe. Excursions organized.

Cross-country skiing in Abodi

Esqui de fondo en Abodi Camping Murkuzuria

On the winter season, local cross-country skiing in Abodi, Valley of Salazar/Zaraitzu.

Cultural visits and monumental heritage

Visistas culturales Camping Murkuzuria Ermita de Muskilda

Castle of Javier/Xabier, Monastery of Leyre, Ochagavia/Otsagi’s sanctuary of Muskilda, Route of the dolmens, etc.

Museums and Nature Centers

CIN Ochagavía

Nature Interpretation Centres in Roncal/Erronkari and Salazar/Zaraitzu and ethnographic museums in the valley of Roncal/Erronkari where you can also visit the Cheese factory in Ustarroz.CHEESE FACTORY

Birdwaching in Irati-Abodi

Buitre camping-Murkuzuria

Navarre offers outstanding conditions for bird watching, thanks to the large variety of species and its numerous natural areas and facilities. READ +

Lumbier and Arbaiun canyons

Foces de Navarra Arbaiun

We are located in the Valley of Salazar, flanked by the impressive canyons of Lumbier and Arbaiun.